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We can sometimes insure younger drivers with at least 4 years experience and a clean driving licence, usually there will be a small fee to pay.

Yes, we can add 1 additional driver for no extra cost.

Yes you can drive our 3.5t lorries with no restrictions, therefore no need to take any additional tests. However, if you wish to hire above 3.5t you will need to hold a C1 category on your licence.

Yes, the lorries will carry up to 18hh but are restricted on weight, so they have a maximum carrying capacity of up to 1,050kg for the 3.5t Bloomfield, and 1,450kg for the 4.t Alexanders horsebox. Most big horses i.e. 16.2hh thoroughbred will have a weight from approximately 500kg.

Our 3.5t and 4.5t lorries are rear facing, they have been proven to aid more comfortable, stress-free travelling. It is worth noting that our horseboxes have been chosen because of their safety features. Most 2 stall boxes allow the horses heads to look over into the living area – this is not the case with our 3.5t and 4.5t horseboxes – as the living area is completely separate. This means if a horse were to get distressed it would not be able to rear up and get stuck in the living area.

Wherever possible we allow you to pick up the lorry the evening before. We therefore ask that if you’re likely to be any later than 8pm, we are made aware at the time of booking so we give the next customer a realistic pick up time. Particularly in the summer when all lorries are out.

We must urgently draw your attention to the requirements for carrying passports when travelling with your horse. From 28th February 2005, horses must be accompanied by their passport when moving under the following circumstances:

1. For the purpose of competing

2. For the purpose of breeding

3. In or out of Great Britain

4. To other premises of a new keeper

5. To a slaughterhouse

Each lorry comes with fully comprehensive 24 hour breakdown cover. If the lorry cannot be fixed at the side of the road, you and your horse will be recovered to a single destination.

We understand particularly with horses that things can go wrong at the last minute. Therefore as part of being fully flexible we allow you to carry your deposit over to another date – this must be redeemed within 6 months. All cancellations must be made within 7 days, in order to carry over your deposit.